Below are a testimonials about the quality of services Heart Of The Matter provides for its clients.

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Counseling Colleague Testimonial

 I am pleased, proud and honored to share that I have been blessed to know Coach Jasmine Ariel
Armstrong for over three years! We have had the opportunity to connect as client, Coach and now
sister and friend.

Jasmine is a strong, anointed, resilient and amazing Woman of God. I have watched her and known
her as a Mom to her beautiful daughter, as a Minister and now as a Coach. I love what she stands for
and whom she stands for- Jesus.

As a Coach with her company, Heart of The Matter, Jasmine will safely, confidently and expertly lead
each person who is blessed to hire her as a Coach through dark storms, choppy seas while avoiding
personal shipwreck and land them safely, with the help of the Holy Spirit onto safe shores, just as
the Apostle Paul did in Acts 27: 26-36.

She is anointed and equipped to assist mothers, daughters and sons as well as women from all
walks of life to courageously face the storms in their lives and to put all of their boards and broken
pieces back together and to walk through personal and professional “death” into successful
personal and spiritual transformation.

Her coaching style is warm, engaging, non-judgmental and thorough. I highly recommend her as a
Coach, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker. You will be blessed by her presence and by her

With love, honor, respect,

Dr. Patrice J. Carter, CPLC
a.k.a. Mommy Monarch

Group Coaching Sessions Testimonial

Jasmine has a natural ability to minister to everyone she comes into contact with! Throughout our friendship she has sewn words of wisdom, scripture references, prayers, and Godly advice. I have been blessed by merely being in her presence.

Ms. Christal Dancy